Keeping Your Heart Healthy

October 23, 2018

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A study published in August of this year in the Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology claims that LDL-C (bad cholesterol) does not actually cause cardiovascular disease. Additionally, researchers also suggested that the statins that are generally used to help lower cholesterol as a form of preventing cardiovascualr disease that often leads to heart attacks "is of doubtful benefit.”

Another bit of research found that the idea of consuming saturated fats increasing a person's risk of heart disease is also not accurate. A report which looked at 73 different studies was published in the British Medical Journal and found no significant association between saturated fat and heart disease. Researchers examined the likelihood of stroke, type 2 diabetes and death as a result of cardiovascular disease and discovered people who ate more saturated fat were no more likely to experience heart disease or any of the other health conditions previously mentioned than those who consumed less.

While the researchers concluded that LDL cholesterol does not cause heart disease, it doesn’t necessarily prevent it either. Their final suggestion for good heart-health? More physical activity and foods that are known to be good for your heart; like fish, green vegetables, fruits, and nuts.