Kevin James To Star In NASCAR Inspired Netflix Series

September 16, 2019

Credit: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images Entertainment


NASCAR and Netflix have announced a new comedy series starring Kevin James. The Crew will premiere next year on the streaming service. In it, James, who will also act as executive producer, stars as an old school crew chief of a stock car race team. In the multi-cam sitcom, set in a NASCAR garage, James will play Kevin, the crew chief of one of the race teams.

The sitcom will be written by Jeff Lowell, who will also serve as an executive producer, along with James’ longtime manager Jeff Sussman and producer Todd Garner as well as NASCAR’s Matt Summers and Tim Clark, The Crew is being compared to Taxi for its style. Netflix is hoping the show will help fill the void being created by its departing broad, multi-camera family comedies Fuller House and The Ranch, which are nearing the end of their runs.

James will also be starring in an upcoming theatrical release called Becky, a thriller in which the comedian plays a villain opposite Lulu Wilson.