Leave The Turtles Alone

June 5, 2019

Credit: stephenpohl / iStock / Getty Images Plus

I've seen a couple of turtles crossing the road over the past few weeks, which got me wondering where they were headed and if they made it safely to their intended destination. Wherever those turtles were headed, it wasn't very far. A Box turtle only roams 1 mile its whole life. 

Therefore, if it is removed from its home area, for the rest of its life it will roam aimlessly stressed out. Simply trying to find its way home until it dies a very sad death. So, if you see a turtle, leave it alone, please. Do not take them home. They make lousy pets anyway; not likely to play fetch, or snuggle with you on the couch.

If you come across an injured turtle, you should mark the exact spot where it was found for the wildlife center. If a turtle is in the road, you can help by moving it directly across the street in the direction it was heading. Just make sure you don't cause an accident by stopping in the middle of the road.