Lots Of Calories To Be Consumed This Weekend

February 1, 2019

ID 81164020 © Oleksandra Naumenko | Dreamstime.com


We certainly think about Thanksgiving when it comes to eating a lot. But we need to watch out for Super Bowl Sunday, too! A study done at Cornell University found that throughout the course of the pre-game, game, halftime, and post-game, we consume an average of 6,000 calories. That's more than twice the suggested intake for a whole day.

It's no surprise when you consider that more than 1-billion chicken wings will be served, along with approximately 50-million cases of beer to help wash down 14,500-tons of nachos that will be eaten.

Be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise you'll be among the 7-million Americans who are expected to call in sick to work on Monday morning.