Maybe Goats Can Prevent Wildfires

May 17, 2019

Credit: David McNew / Staff / Getty Images


Firefighters in California are hoping some four-legged assistance will prevent any wildfires from destroying homes and property. The Ventura County Fire Department released hundreds of goats north of Los Angeles this week. The idea is that the goats will eat dead brush that could become fuel for fires. Captain Ken VanWig, who oversees the department’s vegetation management program says, “They’ll eat until we like the way the landscape looks, and then we move them to another area.”

Ventura County has been using goats for about five years now. And they're not the only ones. Fire departments across the state are increasingly turning to this method, as they are desperate to do whatever they can to prevent any destruction similar to the one that destroyed the town of Paradise last November, where at least 85 people were killed.