Millions Of Dollars In Red Light Camera Fines Ordered Repaid

September 10, 2019

Credit: JFsPic / iStock / Getty Images Plus


Over 200,000 people who were issued tickets for running red lights after they were caught doing so by red light cameras in New Orleans will be receiving their fines back. That's what a judge ruled, and a cicuit court of appeals agreed with that decision last week. Although it was somewhat of a victory for the plaintiffs in the case, not completely. That's because the judge didn't rule the cameras themselves were illegal, but it was because they were monitored by the Department of Public Works, not a law enforcement agency.

It could be costly for the city, too. Not only are the fines between $110-$150 each, the city was ordered to pay the offenders back with interest. And the tickets in question were issued between 2008-2010. Since the funds are payable to individuals and not corporations, the judge ruled the city should pay back the fees "immediately".