More Never Heard Before Tom Petty Music Still To Come

But It's Not About The Money

September 19, 2018

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)


On September 28th, the Tom Petty box set titled An American Dream will be released. But that won't be the last of the music Tom made before he died that the public has yet to hear.

Tom's widow Dana Petty recently told Billboard that she wanted to share the music with those who want to enjoy it. It took about seven months for Dana, Tom's daughter Adria, Heartbreakers bandmates Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, and producer Ryan Ulyate to assemble the rarities, unreleased songs and live recordings on the upcoming box set.

Dana's take on the process: “It was very emotional, and, especially at first, hearing the songs was brutal. But music is healing. It got easier. It felt like Tommy would be so proud of this.” She said there's a lot more stuff "in the vault." But she also wants people to know why they're releasing it, “I just don’t want them to think we’re greedy, because it’s not about the money -- it’s about getting the stuff out there for the world to love.”