Most Grads Aren't Happy With Their Degrees

June 26, 2019

Credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images News


Two-thirds of employees in the workforce today, say they regret their college degree. Those surveyed cited student loan debt, which now stands at $1.6-trillion, as the main reason. The findings were released earlier this week in the study of American workers conducted by PayScale.

The employees that were most satisfied with their degrees, were science, technology, engineering or math majors. Mainly because jobs in those fields are the highest paying. About 42% of engineering grads and 35% of computer science grads said they had no regrets.

Humanities majors, who are the least likely to earn higher pay after graduating, were most likely to regret their college education; about 75% said they regretted their degrees.

Educators were the one field that didn't follow the trend. Teachers and other professionals in education, which are typically low-paying, were the second-least likely, after engineering grads, to have any regrets tied to their major. 37% said they had no regrets.