National Eat An Oreo Day

June 19, 2018



Here's a day most of us can get behind. It's National Eat An Oreo Day! The best selling cookie in America. Nine out of ten U.S. households buy Oreos. Each year 7.5 billion cookies are purchased, and as of 2015, more than 450 billion Oreos have been sold.

There's really no wrong way to eat them. Twist. Dunk. Bite. Lick. Whatever way you choose is perfectly acceptable.

There have been small changes over the years to both the chocolate cookies and the cream. The cream used today was created by Sam Procello, Nabisco's "principal scientist," known as "Mr. Oreo." The current design of the cookie has been the same since 1952. Oreos were created by Nabisco and first sold on March 6, 1912, by grocer S.C. Thuesen in Hoboken, New Jersey. Nabisco applied for a trademark on March 14, 1912, and received it on August 12, 1913.