One State Will Pay Homeowners To Not Mow Their Lawns

Turn Them Into Bee Sanctuaries Instead

June 12, 2019

Credit: Fernando Sanz / iStock / Getty Images Plus


Lawmakers in Minnesota are proposing legislation that would pay residents to turn their yards into bee sanctuaries, instead of maintaining the neatly manicured lawns that we have become accustomed to in surburbia.

James Wolfin, a graduate assistant at the University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab and Turfgrass Science Lab, says, “If we can maintain the rec surfaces we all enjoy, but also maintain and improve the forage bees rely on, that would be a success.” people often kill plants that are often considered weeds, but can be a good source of pollen for bees. He suggests keeping these plants in your garden as a small but important step to maintaining bee populations.

The state government of Minnesota will begin paying residents of the state to turn their lawns into bee-friendly habitats with a plan that was recently approved by the state legislature and signed into law last week by Governor Tim Walz. Over the next year, $900,000 will be set aside to help residents convert their lawns into bee sanctuaries.