An Overnight Stay On The International Space Station Will Cost Big Bucks

June 13, 2019

Credit: 3DSculptor / iStock / Getty Images Plus


Earlier this month, NASA announced that it will allow astronauts from private companies to use the International Space Station for activities beyond just research and development. That means they'll be able to manufacture products and even do marketing on the orbital lab. There are already more than 50 companies with research on the ISS, but NASA is now loosening restrictions on what activities will be allowed on the station, although they will still have to include components related to the NASA mission.

Private astronauts will also be allowed to visit the station for missions lasting up to 30 days, with trips up to twice a year starting in 2020. They will have to undergo rigorous astronaut training and meet NASA’s medical requirements, and they won’t be on the ISS alone. NASA astronauts will still be there doing science and all the external repairs of the ISS and private astronauts will not be allowed to do spacewalks.

But it won't be cheap! Visits will cost an average of $35,000 per night in addition to launch costs aboard the commercial spacecraft that are currently under development to shuttle astronauts back and forth to the ISS.