Psychic Predicts Royal Wedding Will Be Cancelled

May 17, 2018



A psychic in Ireland thinks the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle scheduled for Saturday will be called off. Clairvoyant Siobhan Kilroy foresees strangeness surrounding the wedding which will result in the couple not exchanging vows.

A report earlier this week that Markle's father was sick and wouldn't be making the trip to his daughter's nuptials has some believing the psychic may be onto something. "I said there would be sensational news coming from the UK and somebody would "fall ill" and that wouldn't be the truth," Kilroy declared. She claims that the cancellation is part of a cover up to set the stage for an even bigger bombshell. "Something serious will happen that will stop the wedding," she predicted, adding that the event has likely already "fallen apart" behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace.

While a cancellation of the Royal Wedding seems unlikely, should that happen, the world may be more interested in Kilroy than the celebrity couple.