Reconsider Wishing People A "Happy" Memorial Day

May 24, 2019

Credit: Cynthia Shirk / iStock / Getty Images Plus


Families who have lost loved ones that were serving in the military may find it a slap in the face if you wish them a "Happy" Memorial Day. For them, it's not happy at all. It's a day of remembering their son, daughter, wife, husband, father, mother, or other beloved is no longer with us, because they paid the ultimate price. Even if you're not speaking to them directly, and they just overhear you saying that can be hurtful.

Lars Williams, Gold Star father of Army Staff Sgt. Wesley Williams says, “It’s been over 17 years of war since 9/11 and many still don’t get the point of Memorial Day.”

So what should you say instead? Some suggest a simple, "We will remember," will suffice.

Karen Funcheon, Gold Star mother of Army Sgt. Alex Funcheon, has had Gold Star Mother license plates on her vehicle for 11 years. She says In all that time, only three people have asked her about them. “If you see a Gold Star license plate, take a moment and ask,” said Karen. “The family will appreciate your actions more than you’ll know.”