Sleep Better By Rocking

January 28, 2019

ID 131091888 © Volodymyr Muliar |


A study published in the February 4th edition of Current Biology shows that adults can benefit from rocking themselves to sleep, much the same way we rock a baby to sleep.

Adults who were rocked to sleep, not only fell asleep faster than those who didn't, but they slept deeper and more restfully through the night. In addition, those who rocked the night away scored significantly higher on memory tests that were administered to them the next morning. The rhythmic motion seems to help the brain recharge itself more efficiently while sleeping.

Robert Stickgold, a cognitive neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School said, “We’ve been rocking our babies for thousands of years now. We know it helps them fall asleep,” adding, “I’m putting my bed on a rocker tonight.”