Spring Celebrations Around The World

March 20, 2019

Free photo 1777690 © Tom Dowd - Dreamstime.com

  • In Chichen Itza, Mexico (pictured) thousands gather at the Kulkulkan Pyramid. As spring nears, the sun creates a shadow that looks like a snake sliding down the northern staircase.
  • At Stonehenge, England, pagans, druids and tourists watch the picturesque sunrise at the prehistoric monument.
  • India marks the start of spring with Holi, a major festival that also begins on March 20 this year. During Holi, people come together for song, dance and to splash their loved ones with colored powder and water.
  • In Thailand, the Songkran Water Festival takes place shortly after the equinox. Festivities involve going to a Buddhist monastery, visiting elders, and throwing water.
  • Bosnia has Cimburijada, which means "Festival of Scrambled Eggs." People gather by the banks of the Bosna River, where a communal meal of of scrambled eggs is prepared. That breakfast is shared with friends, families, and visitors while drinking and listening to music.
  • And England has the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake in Gloucester. A wheel of cheese is thrown down a very steep hill and one second later competitors throw themselves down after it. The first one to cross the finish line wins.