Tips For Greeting The Trick-or-Treaters At Your Door

October 31, 2019

Credit: Jupiterimages


You may think there's nothing to it, opening the door and handing out free candy to the little ghosts and goblins that come knocking on your door. A manners and etiquette expert says otherwise. Here are her tips:

  • Make it obvious that you’re “Open for Business.” Turn on all the lights in the front of your house, turn on the porch light, and open all your blinds.
  • Secure all pets in another room. You know that little Fido wouldn’t hurt anyone, but the four-year-old at the door isn’t so sure.
  • Don’t dress in a costume yourself, especially a scary or gruesome one. Children expect the door to be opened by a friendly-looking grown-up, not a vampire.
  • If you don’t participate in the night’s festivities, that’s fine. To avoid confusion, just make sure your house is dark.
  • If you choose to take part in the night, do so with a smile. If it’s a decision you’ve made, then it’s not an imposition of your time or energy.
  • If it’s OK for the children to take more than one piece of candy, tell them so. “Please take three pieces. I made sure I had plenty.”
  • If you place the candy in the children’s bags, don’t just toss it in their direction. It’s hard for little ones to bend over in their masks.
  • Keep your front porch free of anything too spooky or easy for children to stumble over.
  • When opening the door, pretend, at least for a moment, that you don’t recognize the children. Let them know their costume is a great disguise.