UFO Sightings In Connecticut Eclipse 100

January 15, 2019

ID 74418913 © Emoke Kupai | Dreamstime.com


When someone sees something unrecognizable in the air, there are a number of places they can report that sighting; if they choose. One place that takes those reports is the National UFO Reporting Center located in Davenport, Washington.

NUFORC identifies the location, time, duration and description of each reported sighting. And here in the Nutmeg State, there were more than 100 sightings reported in 2018. While they do not indicate what each sighting may or may not be, they do attempt to sort out any obvious hoaxes.

Keeping in mind that some of these sightings may be completely explicable, the number of reports has actually declined in recent years. Not just here in Connecticut, but around the world.

To see the list of NUFORC's Connecticut reports, click here.