Unreleased Stolen Tom Petty Music Recovered

October 14, 2019

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A storage locker was robbed last month in California that contained a number of guitars and hard drives that held never before heard music recorded by the late Tom Petty. The locker had belonged to one of Petty's studio engineers. While many may have suspected that we'd never have a chance to hear that music, there's now hope.

A man arrested for burglary has confessed to taking Petty's stuff, as well. And police have recovered the unreleased music as well as a cache of guns. The instruments have yet to be returned, but police are continuing to follow leads and are hopeful they'll be able to recover them, also. 

It's unclear if the suspect, who has yet to be named, specifically targeted the locker because of its connection to Petty, or if the perp just happened upon it by chance. The total value of the items swiped was in excess of $100,000, but it would be pretty hard to put a price on the music.