WATCH: Girl Sent Flying By Bison At Yellowstone

July 24, 2019

Credit: Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images News


When you visit Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, one thing you may notice are the signs warning people not to approach the animals. They are wild animals and their reactions are unpredictible. However, another thing you'll likely notice is that people often don't heed those warnings. The latest example of that ignorance occurred recently, when a group of about 50 people gathered near a bull bison. Among that group was a 9-year-old girl who paid the price for getting too close. When the bison became agitated, he charged, and she went flying.

The girl was taken to the Old Faithful Lodge by her family and then transferred to the Old Faithful Medical Clinic for treatment. Park officials did not disclose her injuries but said that she was released from the clinic.