You Could Be Flushing The Fuel Of The Future Right Down The Toilet

July 18, 2018

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Forget about solar energy and wind turbines, used toilet paper could be powering your home if Dutch scientists have their way. Researchers from the University of the Netherlands and the University of Amsterdam are looking into that very possibility.

One researcher says the basic technology is already in place. It's just a matter of making a few tweaks for it to be feasible. And there's plenty to work with. In 2016, one poll showed that 142 million Americans used one roll every other day. Another study in 2010 showed that over 27,000 trees worth of toilet paper was disposed of every 2 days.

Up to 80 percent of dry toilet paper is made of combustible cellulose which is a prime candidate for fuel, if it can be processed efficiently. And the researchers added that, “It is a rich source of carbon, (and) is continuously available in the developed world regardless of country and season. The electricity from WTP could displace electricity from fossil sources such as coal and gas. Upon taking into account that WTP originates from biomass, the CO2 emissions would be comparable to those of electricity from renewable sources.” Sounds promising.