You May Soon Be Able To Trace The Ancestry Of Your Cat

January 8, 2019

Photo credit: Chuck Taylor


Many people these days are interested in finding out about their own history with the popularity of websites like, and the availability of DNA kits on the rise. But what about your cat? Yes, lots of people are interested in finding out about their furry feline friends' lineage, too. And they may be able to do just that in the near future.

The first-ever cat DNA kit will be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas. The test kit from Basepaws will reveal the genetic breakdown of your cat, with results that let you know what breeds your cat's DNA contains, including whether or not any wild cat genes are part of the mix. 

Anna Skaya, founder and CEO of Basepaws says, "DNA research has revealed a vast amount of useful, often life-saving information for humans. We want to facilitate those same kind of breakthroughs for cats."