Your Desire To Maintain A Youthful Appearance Could Be Detrimental To Marine Life

July 30, 2018

© Karl Daniels |


Millions of sharks are killed each year, not to keep people safe, but to keep people from looking old!

Shark livers contain an oil, known as squalene, that’s widespread in sunscreen, lipstick, foundation, lotion, and many other cosmetics. And in remote regions around the world, millions of rare, deep sea sharks are being dragged up from the depths of the oceans, just to harvest their livers to support that multimillion-dollar industry.

Squalene is a primary moisturizing agent, and its source varies by brand. It can be extracted from olives, wheat germ, and other plants, but it's significantly easier and cheaper to get it from sharks. However, public concern over the conservation of sharks has forced some companies to change their methods. Many corporations in the western world have switched to plant-based squalane, even though it costs about 30 percent more to produce.

Andriana Matsangou, a spokesperson for the British-Dutch company Unilever, says their company “sources squalene entirely from vegetable sources to avoid sourcing it from shark species.” And L’Oréal spokesperson Alexander Habib says they stopped using squalene from sharks 10 years ago. Plus, since making that change, L’Oréal has “implemented strict measures to control the origin of squalane from of our suppliers.”