A Dance She Will Never Forget

February 6, 2019

ID 37435283 © Jurijcorr | Dreamstime.com


So glad to see that Karen from West Haven has rejoined the PillowTalk Listeners on Facebook. She's always been a member of that group really. If there is a bigger Barry Manilow fan than Karen in Connecticut, it would be very hard to find one. She brought to my attention that the 10th anniversary of her dance with Barry Manilow right before Valentine's Day back in 2009 is fast approaching. We were glad to play Ready To Take A Chance Again. Karen told me she's ready to go back and see Barry again for her birthday, this time in Las Vegas.

It's pretty hard to argue with the mild weather we have had over the last two days that put the temperature between 55 and 60 degrees in early February. Tuesday night it brought the best out in Lisa who called PillowTalk to request a song.

Lisa told me, "I'm a Pisces and I love the water" She also told me she loves the song Sailing by Christopher Cross. I was more than happy to accommodate her.

And we played a song in memory of Frank for Samantha and her family from New Britain to help them through a difficult time.