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1919: How Much Do You Remember?

December 28, 2018

The events of 1919 are about to turn 100 years old. Today's blog then might be concidered a bit of a history lesson. I have a clue or two for you. See if you can come up with the answers. First here are the answers to last nights blog: The events of 1969.

Elvis Presley

Rupert Murdoch

The 747 and The Concorde

The Beatles

Someday We'll Be Together by Diana Ross & The Supremes.


And now, back in 1919 almost 100 years ago:

The U.S. Congress passed the _________th amendment to The Constitution which gave women suffrage. The amendment was passed on to the states for ratification.

The Treaty of Versailles is signed officially ending which war?

The Cincinnati Reds defeated the Chicago White Sox in the World Series 5 games to 3 and was the basis for what?

________ appears in Felines Follies becoming the first cartoon character to gain popularity.

The 26th President of the United States dies. Who was he?

Dodgers baseball great #42 was born in 1919. Who was he?

I'll have the answers in Monday night's blog.