PillowTalk: Helping Sharon Hold Her Husband Close

June 13, 2019



Even though she doesn't sound old enough, Sharon from Plymouth has been married to her husband Mark for 34 years. They had been together for a long time even before they got married. She has  been a PillowTalk listener for a long, long time too. Prior to Wednesday night she had never called to make a dedication or request a song.

She finally "came out of the woodwork" as I call it and contacted PillowTalk. Mark is a truck driver and spends a few days a week driving on the road way up north and they are separated. Hearing their special song makes it feel to Sharon that Mark is closer and warms her heart too.

"Tell him I will always love him. I miss him and I always want him to be safe on the road", Sharon said in a dedication. The song I'll Be There has special meaning for them.