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PillowTalk: Love Comes Around After 38 Years

September 10, 2019

Dan and Cathy from Plainville knew of each other through grammar school, Jr. high school and high school. Over the years they never really interacted with each other at all.

After high school Dan left Connecticut to join the service. Dan left the service after sustaining many injuries.  He came back to Connecticut and had always been interested in sports.

38 years later he was looking for a softball team to join and walked into a restaurant. There she was. Dan and Cathy have been married for twelve years and Monday night Cathy was working at UConn Medical Center when Dan made his dedication. 

Dan loves Cathy very much and sounded so grateful in talking to me about the way everything turned out for both of them. I was thrilled to play their wedding song for them by the group Chicago.