Southington Couple Celebrates 56

Tom Merton /OJO Images

PillowTalk: Baby Sitting Job Pays Huge Dividend

November 22, 2019

Congratulations to Linda and Tom of Southington. They turned to PillowTalk to help them celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary on Thursday night.  Linda was babysitting Tom's brother's children, once upon a time. Then,Tom entered the picture. Linda told me that for her it was love at first sight. She also said, "Tell him that I truly love him. He's a wonderful guy." 

Both of them are big fans of Roger Whittaker. I played Roger's worldwide hit from 1975, The Last Farewell.

Mother and daughter can both enjoy PillowTalk. Mya and her mother Myra called from the car on Thursday with a request. Both are from New Britain and Mya wanted her mom to know how much she loves her. She says, "You're the best." The song they wanted to hear in the car together is by Walk The Moon.

Rachel from Harwinton also had a message for her daughter, college student Samantha: " I hope you find your roots again." Rachel asked me to play a song by Martina McBride