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1969: How Much Do You Remember?

December 27, 2018

The events of 1969 are about to turn 50! How much do you remember? Were you even a gleam in the eyes of your parents? I have a clue or two for you. Do you have the answers? Have some fun and try your luck. The answers will be at the end of tomorrow's blog. Good luck!


In 1969 he was back in the studio recording a comeback album. The album yielded hit songs like Kentucky Rain and In The Ghetto. Who was he?

In 1969 he purchased Britain's largest Sunday newspaper. What is his name?

In 1969 this jumbo jet took off for the first time from an airfield in Everett, Washington while in France, another aircraft of a different type was being tested for the first time? Can you name each aircraft?

In 1969 this famous rock band performed together as a group for the last time publically on a rooftop. Who were they?

In 1969 what motor city supergroup released their last #1 song? It was the last #1 song of the 1960's. Can you name the group and the song?