Pillowtalk: Requests And Dedications From Everywhere

August 23, 2018

With so many sources for PillowTalk dedications, part of the fun of hosting PillowTalk is  getting all those sources actively working similtainiously to play the songs you want to hear.

Getting requests and dedications from phone calls, email and various social media outlets. Wedmesday night, things were working on all cylinders. 

Thanks for calls from Jeff in Middletown who was helping his good friend Larry celebrate his birthday with a request for Heatwave and Always And Forever. 

Christopher from Manchester needed a lift  and requested a favorite song by Justin Bieber. Lisa thanked me on email for a song by Ed Sheeran. "I really needed that tonight", she said.

Brian on Twitter requested a Billy Joel song for his good friend Mike, a huge Billy Joel fan.