PillowTalk: Angie Finds Love Again

May 21, 2019



It's been about 4 years since we've heard from Angie from Middletown on the PillowTalk love lines. She called me Monday night to refresh my memory and give me a good news update. Last time I talked with her she was going through a rough time. She was about to lose or had just lost her husband due to health concerns in her mid 30's.

Monday she called to tell me that not only had she found love again but she got married this past weekend! She married Glenn! She had known him about 3 years before they started dating more seriously for a year, She told me, "After we started dating we said to each other, "Who do we think we are kidding here?" So they decided to marry.

Angie said, "I never thought that I would find love again. I couldn't be happier." 

But she has. I hope her situation and her story is an inspiration to those who have lost love or are looking for love. The song she requested is the latest hit by Lukas Graham.