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PillowTalk: Dedication To A Veteran

November 13, 2018

It was the night after Veterans Day and the first dedication that got through to me was on Facebook through Messinger was from a girl named Heidi.

She wrote, "Can you shout out my girlfriend who's a veteran ? Her name is Nikki she was in the army and she lives in Cromwell, the song. 

You can say from your girl friend , jaxon and Stacey. Thank you so much well be listening We're getting to our destination."

I was glad it was the first dedication and equally glad it gave us an opportunity recognize veterans and keep them in mind beyond Veterans Day. Thank You for your service. She chose Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

It's hard to realize the impact you have on people when you are on the radio until you get a call like I received from Bill in Manchester who wanted to hear a song by Bryan Adams and he wanted me to pick one. He finshed our conversation by saying to me out of the blue, "You're my best friend". 

Radio, my favorite medium. Thanks Bill.