PillowTalk: 365 And Counting

April 5, 2019

Getty Images / nautiluz56


Feeling blessed that a couple listening to the radio would mark one year prior to their wedding with a PillowTalk dedication. Congratulations in advance to Kimberly and Jerry of Enfield who will be getting married exactly one year from the night they made this PillowTalk dedication.

They have known each other for years. If I understood  Kimberly correctly, it goes back to her college days. They started out as friends and met through ex's and cousins. It sounded pretty confusing to me but everything seemed to work out okay. Kimberly says, " Tell Jerry that I am so happy to have found him. He is my love of a lifetime".

Diane from New Britain called to request a song that she said "is relevant in my life. It reminds me of when I was a background singer and sang karaoke when it was just starting and I was in college.".The song she is talking about is by Fleetwood Mac.

Ray from Windsor has known his wife Evelyn for 40 years. He has been married to her for 37 of those 40 years. Ray met Evelyn at her aunt's party. There was an attraction almost from the beginning. Ray told me that got her phone number from her cousins. Ray called PillowTalk to let her know that he will always love her. Ray requested a song by romantic piano sensation Jim Brickman and the multitalented Wayne Brady.

Wayne Brady by the way is scheduled to be coming to The Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut on Saturday night, May 4, 2019.