PillowTalk: It's The Little Things

August 14, 2018

Many are familiar with the title of that famous Tammy Wynette song. From tonight's PillowTalk dedications, it would appear that both men and women appreciate the support of their significant other. It was beautifully expressed by Kimberly from Terryville to her husband Peter, a man she has known for 13 years and married to for 10 years. 

"Tell him that I love him. I love every day that we are together. Every day is special and I cherish every moment."  She chose a Janet Jackson song.

Kim and Bob of Middletown have been married for 34 years. She wants everyone to know that her husband is a "great guy, always there for her and is great at remembering the little things". A Billy Joel song has special meaning for them.

Heather from Old Saybrook wants to thank her boyfriend John for always being there for her. She feels lucky.