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PillowTalk: Helping Friday Night Couples Connect

October 13, 2018

Friday night, PillowTalk helped friends and lovers connect. Adrienne from Danbury has been a long time PillowTalk listener. Friday she was finally a first time caller. She told me a little bit about her relationship with Michael. Adrienne and Michael started out as friends several years ago. Relatively recently things have gotten more serious and they have become a lot closer. Adrienne told me that they are looking for an apartment together. She wanted to let Michael know that she loves him. She said, "We're in this together." She sealed her dedication with the song XO by Beyonce.

Another Michael, this one from Weatogue spent Friday night side by side with Sandy and wanted to hear a song with special meaning for them by Jim Croce.

Trish from Manchester called PillowTalk to reach out to still a different Michael to let him know that "she will love him until the day she dies". Their song is  classic by Sonny & Cher and goes back to the roots of their relationship.