PillowTalk Positivity To Start 2019

January 5, 2019

ID 93966660 © Pathathai Chungyam | Dreamstime.com


PillowTalk is off to a positive start in 2019 with lots of good wishes for a Happy New Year. Friday night. Jimmy in Newington called me and asked me to play a song for his sister Elaine in Berlin. He wanted to send her his love and wish her the best in the coming year. It was almost New Year's Eve all over again in the big city as we played Louis Armstrong.

Earl from Hartford made an attempt to reconnect with Linda. Earl told me, "She's the one who got away years ago. I hear she might be back in town." Anything we can do to help. Let us know Earl, how that works out. It was refreshing to hear his request by Joshua Kadison.

We tried to bring Rohan in Bloomfield closer to Janette from East Hartford with a song by Savage Garden.