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PillowTalk: A Variety Night Filled With Love

November 17, 2018

Friday night was a great night rich with PillowTalk love song requests and love dedications. It began with a request from Linda in Hartford who was warm and snug in her bed when she called for a song by Rick Astley. From Simsbury came words of love from Matt to his wife of 21 years, Lisa.

He reached out saying, "Hi Lisa this is your husband Matt. I just want to say thank you for 21 great, phenomenal years raising our two kids. You've been everything to me and the kids and thank you for everything". He completed his thought with the song Grow Old With Me. 

Tracey from New Haven told me that she listens to PillowTalk "every night". She has fallen in love with her boyfriend Steve after three months. She was fixed up by their mutual friend by the name of Kim. Kim is Stacey's best friend. She loves Steve with all her heart. She said," He is the best thing that ever happened to me".

The evening concluded with a dual dedication first from Tim in New Britain to his fiancee Erica from Manchester: "From the bottom of my heart, I'm so glad I met you six years ago and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you on June 16, 2019." He proposed this past spring in April at the beach on Cape Cod on one knee in the sand. Erica called back equally excited to get through to PillowTalk and to do a return dedication to her fiance, Tim