PillowTalk: Misconstrued Communication

September 13, 2018

Very often I ask PillowTalk listeners what they consider to be most important in long lasting relationships. More often than not communication ranks very high. It's unfortunate when communication breaks down. Words are misinterpreted, actions are misconstrued and reactions that follow are often erroneous leading to a split.

Such was the case tonight when I woman called to make a dedication to someone she has feeling for. She told her boyfriend that she wasn't available on a certain occasion at a certain time. He may have thought that someone else was in the picture. He moved on. In reality, she may have just been busy and unavailable but not involved with anyone else. She asked me to play a special song by Celine Dion for the way she was feeling.

In a completely separate situation, Dad and daughter had a falling out. Communication right now is non-excitant. Dad is very sad and wants his daughter to know that he really does love her and will always be there when she needs him. It would be nice if they could get beyond their differences and start talking again. Dad sent a John Lennon song out to his daughter.