PillowTalk: 15 Years Bit By Bit

May 25, 2019



A variety of PillowTalk dedications got underway on Friday night with an email from Gizelle A. She wanted to dedicate a song by Sade to  someone named Tyler. Gizelle says, " He and I met online over 15 years ago and we're finally going to meet this summer." 

I for one, am really rooting for that to happen. If they have been communicating with regularity over the last 15 years I would think they know quite a bit about each other to a degree. I wish them all the best and hope that it happens soon. Thank you Gizelle for sharing your connection with Tyler.

Kathy and Jon from Hartford have been married for 25 years. According to Kathy, they met at a bar. She told me that she saw Jon across the room and said to herself "I have to have that man". They love listening to PillowTalk and have been for almost as long as they have been married. They were driving through the night with their night lite set just right and wanted to hear a song by Van Morrison. Great performance in the video below.

A beautiful love message came by email from Sue meant for Roger:

"Happy long weekend to you babe. Amazing how connected we are as we continue to discover how many similarities we share. I love all our talks and how easy it is to be with you. You are like no other. The best part of my day is seeing that wonderful smile of yours. You light up my heart every day. So much ahead of us to look forward to. Sending you warm hugs on your way home. I love you sweetheart" 

Susan wanted to hear that classic love song from The Righteous Brothers.