PillowTalk: Romance Rains Supreme

June 19, 2019

Congratulations to all graduates for a job well done. More celebrations concluded for New Britain, Newington, Berlin and Avon in recent days.

Pat from Avon called PillowTalk on Tuesday night with a dedication with a dual purpose. His son Brendan graduated from Avon High School on Monday night and the following night celebrated his 18th Birthday. Pat wanted his son to know how proud the family is of his accomplishments, love him very much and wanted to add some icing on the cake by wishing him Happy Birthday with a song by James Taylor.

Also the rain had a role to play in making the mood just right on Tuesday night. Jon and Lisa from Bristol are in the beginning stages of a promising romance. Jon wanted to let Lisa know that he enjoyed going to the movies in the rain with her on Tuesday night. Jon requested a song by RIchard Marx for her. The rain was also motivation for James from Berlin to call and request a song by Eddie Rabbitt. He loves the song every time it rains.

The rain had Rachael in Windham thinking about two old friends and wanted to request a song by Van Morrison.