PillowTalk: Celebrating Years Of Love

April 12, 2019

Getty Images/BartekSzewczyk


So many great PillowTalk dedications on Thursday night. It all started with a call from Nathan in Manchester. Nathan was reaching out and wanted to get a message to members of his family. First of all, Nathan's parents, Victor and Darlene will be celebrating 36 years of marriage at the end of the month. Congratulations to them! Nathan also wanted his message to include his cousins, Michael and Briana, and his brother Justin. He loves them all very much. One of his favorite songs is by Dido.

Sandra from Glastonbury was listening on the way home and wanted to get a message to her husband, Frank. Sandra and Frank will celebrate 40 years together in July of this year. Her message: " Thank you Frank for all of the great memories and a bright future together. The song Lady In Red has special meaning for them. Congratulations to them.

Mayra of Manchester is having some separation anxiety. Her son Darwing is at the end of his teens, has become a young man and is moving out. Mayra called PillowTalk to let her son know how proud she is of him and will always be there for him. She is expecting great things. A song by Chicago is one that she loves.