PillowTalk: Missing Mom & Sister

February 5, 2019

ID 18571513 © Gabriel Blaj | Dreamstime.com


It's particularly difficult when family is important and everyone is really close. Divya from Plainville is really close to her mother, Malini and her sister, Cheruba. 

It's a long distance relationship. Temporarily that is. Duvya missing her mother who is away in California. "I'm just missing her that's all. She's staying there at my sister's...you know. It's been hard, me being in Connecticut all by myself. The hard part is I just got back and she left the next day". 

So they just missed each other and now they are REALLY missing each other.

Duvya's love message to her mother and sister: "I want to tell them how much I care and how much I miss them and wish the family could be together again".

Thanks for reaching out. A PillowTalk dedication and a song always keeps you close. It's our pleasure to be able to help. We picked out a most beautiful song by Karla Bonoff. I hope that brings you comfort.