PillowTalk: Patient In Search Of Perfect

June 25, 2019

It surprises me sometimes how many people call PillowTalk and ask ME to choose the song for them. It puts a lot of trust in me. I always think of running the risk of playing a song that people won't like or won't fit their situation. One way to find a song is much the same as writing a song. When you delve a little deeper into the story of the relationship something is bound to surface.

Someone calling himself "Patient" called PillowTalk on Monday night and asked me to choose the song. I asked him what is going on in the relationship between you and someone he referred to as "Precious." He said, "I want to marry this woman. She is a healer. She gives me something to focus on. She's perfect."

All of the sudden a light bulb lit up in my brain. She's perfect? That's all I had to know. How about if we play that huge hit by Ed Sheeran? And I did.

Glad to hear from Kate from my hometown of West Hartford. She made a dedication with a simple "I Love You" to her husband Greg and a beautiful song by Gordon Lightfoot. They met attending UConn Law School 19 years ago.They will celebrate 15 years of marriage in October of 2019.