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PillowTalk: Who's Cash Is It?

October 25, 2018

Just when you think you have all your ducks in a row, the day never goes as planned. That was my day on Wednesday. I started out with plans to play nine on the golf course on a pretty cold and very windy morning. I got stuck at the store buying a wool hat and some gloves. It took a half hour longer than I planned and suddenly everything about my day became condensed. I was in a time squeeze.

After golf, I didn't have time to cook lunch myself so I called ahead from my car and ordered Chinese take out . I drove to the restaurant to pick up my shrimp, broccoli and brown rice. The restaurant is in a shopping center with a huge parking area...hundreds of parking spaces. 

As I drove up, the first thing I saw was an gentleman a little older than myself frantically running from place to place in the parking lot. He appeared to be chasing down little green pieces of paper that resembled As I pulled into a parking space and came to a stop, a green bill blown by the wind, flew by me on my left. I got out of my car and chased it down. It was a five dollar bill. I saw another, a greener, darker bill that could have been a fifty or one hundred dollar bill. I chased that one down. That was a fifty. I now had fifty-five dollars.

About that time the gentlemen ran up to me and said, "There was a guy here a few seconds ago trying to hold on to his money that was flying away. Where did he go? I've got to go so here is the five dollars I was able to catch."
So the money didn't belong to the man I talked to, but someone else. He was nowhere to be seen, I was running late and I now had sixty dollars of someone else's money. What do I do? Do I keep the money? Do I take it to the bank down the street, a block away? As someone suggested, do I turn it in at the nearest police station?

Well what happened was, I went into the Chinese restaurant to get my food. Standing at the counter with his back to me was a gentleman that looked a lot like someone I thought I saw when I first drove up.

I said, " Sir, did you lose something? He said without hesitation, " Yes, I lost a bunch of 20's and 50's that blew away in the wind." He described to me verbatim what happened and thanked me for reuniting him with his cash.