PillowTalk: Those Walks From The Bus

July 31, 2019

Great PillowTalk dedications on Tuesday night starting with Ernesto and Tasha from Hartford. Their relationship started in high school back in Kingston, Jamaica. They met and found chemistry while getting off the school bus and walking home together in high school. Tasha came to the United States first and Ernesto would follow about 3 years later, They reconnected through mutual friends at a party in Queens, NY. They have been married about 5 years. Ernesto loves his wife dearly. Ernesto requested a song by Seal.

First time PillowTalk caller Jasmine from Hartford has just moved in to a new apartment with the help of her boyfriend Chas. They have been together for about 6 months. She wanted to let Chas know that she was very thankful for his help with the move. They were in the car and in the mood for a song by ABBA.

John from Manchester loves his smooth jazz. He loves Christine from Vernon even more and has for about the last 30 years. John told me a song by Chuck Mangione brings back a lot of great memories and feels so good.