PillowTalk: Congratulations Graduate!

May 17, 2019

Getty Images/AntonioGuillem


It's just about that time of year. It's the time for caps and gowns, closing books, opening wonderful new chapters and moving on.Congratulations are in order for Emily who is about to graduate from the same high school that I did so many years ago in West Hartford. I was pleased to get a call from her mother Laurie Thursday night on the PillowTalk love lines. I could hear Laurie's New York roots in her accent as we talked. She told me that she and her daughter moved from Queens, NY to West Hartford. Laurie's message to her daughter, Emily: "I love you, congratulations! I am so proud of you." Without skipping a beat, Laurie chose You Are The Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder.

The song said it all for Rhonda of West Hartford in another PillowTalk dedication on her way home Thursday night. She has been married to her husband John for 15 years. She needed to hear a Bryan Adams song to take her home the rest of the way.

Congratulations to Beth from Moodus. She won Patti LaBelle concert tickets for Mohegan Sun Arena on May 31st on PillowTalk.. Beth told me that she keeps Lite 100.5 WRCH all day long plus PillowTalk at night. She keeps it on at work. She told me she interacts with groups of young children. She keeps "The Lite on" because she knows she's doesn't have to worry about anything. Thank you, Beth. We're glad to have you. Enjoy the concert.