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PillowTalk: Halloween Memories

November 1, 2018

We ended up talking a lot about Halloween on Wednesday night's PillowTalk. It's a Halloween image Lila will always remember. The night years ago when she drove across Glastonbury and spotted the cutest little boy. He was running across someone's front lawn with the biggest pillowcase with the widest grin on his face. That pillowcase was filled with Halloween candy. It's a sight we can all relate to and many of us have experienced. Her PillowTalk request was right on the mark for Halloween. A big hit for Sammy Davis Jr.

Anne in Wallingford called with a "two fisted" dedication. She started out dedicating a Halloween song that her boyfriend, Rich wanted to hear, not a different song that she wanted to hear. We ended up playing both. Anne's choice, Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Pickett and Rich's choice, Thriller by Michael Jackson. Anne loves Monster Mash because it is a "classic" that reminds her the Halloween fun of her childhood.

One thing I remember about Halloween growing up. We were right on the school district dividing line so, I never went to school with kids in my neighborhood. That meant that we could could trick or treat in front of the houses in our neighborhood. My brother being older and a little more independent, would run off with his friends from school who lived across town and go trick or treating with them too.