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PillowTalk: "Poked" With A Pool Cue

November 2, 2018

We almost didn't connect on the PillowTalk love lines. At first, I couldn't hear her but luckily Brooke from East Hartford called back with a great love story. It offers hope for those who have waited a long time but haven't found the love of their life.

Brooke and Anthony met each other when they were 28 years old. She told her love story to me Thursday night on PillowTalk:

"We had both reached a point in our lives and we thought we were at a low in our life and we met each other unexpectedly. We litteraly bumped into each other and from that day forward saw each other ever since.

I was actually playing pool with girlfriends on a night out with the ladies and everytime I turned to pull my cue back, he was there...and smiling at me. By the end of the night, we exchanged numbers and from that day forward we have been together".

I asked her if she was glad that she had some life experience when she  met the love of her life at 28 or was that frustrating?

"It was actually amazing. We had both been in long-term relationships and bought homes and gone through the whole thing and thought those people were the ones. For different reasons they didn't work out and we met each other.

We're best friends. We are one hundred percent in love. We have a little girl. The last eleven years have been a journey. We've been married for six and every day is just wonderful and he blessed the broken road that brough us to each other."

Her message for her husband Anthony: " My message to him is that no matter what happens in our lives or no matter where our jobs or our adventures bring us, I am so happy that he is my best friend and that I get to experience every day and every journey with him".