PillowTalk: To The Moon And Back

March 9, 2019

ID 53471521 © Tarragona | Dreamstime.com


PillowTalk love songs with the radio on at night. One of the few places to get closer and stay warm on a really cold night in Southern New England or just about anywhere else apparently. Gilly from Temecula, California wrote me via messenger:

"Hi Dean, Hope your Friday is going ok. Just sitting here listening on RADIO.COM, doing my taxes. Was thinking about my dad who passed on 19 years ago...wow...I still miss him. Where did the time go? His favorite song was Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. If you have it handy, it would be nice to hear. I might cry though. He used to dance to that with me in the living room. I miss him even today. See you in heaven daddy. It's cold in CA now".

"God bless you Dean Richards", writes Reinoldo from New Britain. "I been with my wife 5 years together plus a year married and we been through up and down..... Can you please play Bryan Adams, Please Forgive Me and I want to tell her that I love her with all my heart from the moon and back..... Her name is Vickey."