PillowTalk: Will Two Former Sweethearts Rekindle The Romance?

August 10, 2018

One can only hope for two people who used to be close, that some day they will get back together again. That maybe this time, the timing will be better. That time away will give the relationship time to breathe.Maybe that breath will provide room for clarity, insight and a second look from another point of view.

It was nice to hear from eastern Connecticut and Tommy from Lebanon. Twenty-five years ago, Tommy and Linder were high school sweethearts at Cheshire High School. Tommy couldn't go into a lot of detail. From talking to him though, it seemed there might be the possiblity of rekindling his romance with LInder from many years ago. Who knows? PillowTalk might be the catalyst that makes it happen.

Tommy called us on the PillowTalk love lines to let Linder know that she means a lot to him. It is Tommy's hope that he will see Linder again much sooner than later.

Hopefully love will in fact lead you back.