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PillowTalk: Making Family Wishes

Keeping Families Together

December 4, 2019

Holiday dedications pour in, many centered around family on PillowTalk. I had a beautiful conversation with Wilma who is a great lady from Hartford. She listens to PillowTalk every night. She told me to keep doing what I'm doing. Wilma reached out to a family member by the name of David. Wilma and her family are concerned about David and hoped that by reaching out on PillowTalk that David would contact his family. Wilma says that the family loves David and they take him with them everywhere they go. She hopes that David will reach out to his Mom and come to see her. Appropriately, Wilma requested the Charles Brown version of Please Come Home For Christmas.

It's all about family for Tony in East Hartford. Tony requested a song in memory of his father Sammy, mother Mary and brother Tommy. He misses all of them more than anything. He cherishes all the years they had together They are always on his mind and forever in his heart. He asked me to find the most beautiful version of Silent Night. I chose the version by Enya.

Christopher and Marianne from Southbury have been married for 30 years. One of Marianne's favorites during the holidays is Johnny Mathis Christopher loves her very much, hopes she gets well and wishes her Happy Holidays!